Keep Rockville Rural Commitee
"Keeping it Rural"
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Dear Solano County Residents,

    The Keep Rockville Rural Fundraising Committee is seeking donations from any person(s) or association interested in helping to maintain the rural countryside in and around Rockville Corners as well as to preserve Rockville Hills Regional Park.

    We are currently campaigning to stop developers from destroying our parks, pastures, vineyards and quiet country roads. At present, Rockville Hills Park does not have a conservation easement to protect it.  If these developments were to become reality, the safety of the park would be greatly threatened.
    Our small but determined group of citizens have been working diligently to thwart overdevelopment of the Rockville Area and to protect the “jewel” of our valley, Rockville Hills Regional Park.   Our struggle has been a long one and we have incurred many expenses along the way ranging from attorney fees to printing costs for informative flyers. This is why we need your help and support now.  Your donation could be the key to preserving and protecting our beautiful valley not only for ourselves and the many hikers and bikers from all over the state, but for future generations to come.

Esther Pryor -  (707) 864-5678
Linda Ellis    -  (707) 864-8352
Carla Nelson -  (707) 554-4705
Carol Herzig -  (707) 864-0149

Thanking you in Advance,
The Keep Rockville Rural Fundraising Committee
Email us at:
  Click Here to access our membership application. Please consider joining our group to stay involved and informed of all issues impacting our community, including recent
activities on Rockville Road near Wilotta Oaks.

  Any donation would be greatly appreciated and gladly accepted. Each donor will be acknowledged at fundraisers.
Rockville HOA - CA Certificate of Unincorporated Nonprofit Association No. 11660