Mission Statement

The Rockville Homeowners Association is an organization formed in 1975 by the people of Rockville. The objective is to actively participate in the development of the community through careful planning and compliance with Solano County Codes.  We feel strongly that as residents of the area, we are entitled to influence the ultimate composition of our community.

We wish to maintain this area’s rural atmosphere.  Major development would alter the natural environment of the area, which would affect both bird and plant life in addition to increasing both air and noise pollution.

We do not desire annexation to the City of Fairfield.  Annexation would lead to additional taxation for such things as streets, signal lights, sidewalks, drainage sewers and other facilities and services which are not needed and would destroy the reasons people live in the rural Rockville area.

Urban type housing development adjacent to the prime soils of Suisun Valley would have an adverse effect on agriculture which cannot be mitigated.

If you are a homeowner in the Rockville area and wish to join our organization, please contact
our secretary, Linda Ellis at 864-8352.

Monies for the Rockville Homeowners Association are obtained through annual membership dues, fund raisers and public donations.

Any Donation Amount will be greatly appreciated
~ Thanking you in Advance ~
Keep Rockville Rural Fundraising Committee