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"Keeping it Rural"
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    Our determined group of citizens have been working diligently to thwart overdevelopment of the Rockville Area and to protect the “jewel” of our valley, Rockville Hills Regional Park.   Our struggle has been a long one and we have incurred many expenses along the way ranging from attorney fees to printing costs for informative flyers. This is why we need your help and support now.  Your donation could be the key to preserving and protecting our beautiful valley not only for ourselves and the many hikers and bikers from all over the state, but for future generations to come.

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The Keep Rockville Rural Fundraising Committee

  Click Here to access our membership application. Please consider joining our group to stay involved and informed of all issues impacting our community.

Any donation would be greatly and gladly accepted.
Rockville HOA - CA Certificate of Unincorporated Nonprofit Association No. 11660
If you didn't hear, on Feb 2nd 2016 the County Supervisors approved "Woodcreek 66" with a 3 to 2 vote.  The Developer did agree to decrease the density by 6 homes making it 60 instead of 66.  Additional info regarding our next-step and other items, will be available to discuss at our GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING which will be held on:
Sat. March 9th 2019
Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
At: 4151 Oakwood Drive, Fairfield, CA (Off Rockville Road)
   A developer has plans to urbanize our rural Rockville area by building 66 homes adjacent to Rockville Road and Suisun Valley Road.  The Google Earth photo below shows the 33 acres that is currently being used as grazing land for horses and  cows. The property borders Rockville Road and Oakwood Drive as well as Suisun Valley Road to the East.  This is the same developer who proposed; and the County Board of  Supervisors approved, 33 homes on the same property in 2010. The developer then cancelled their plans in February of 2011, claiming poor market and poor economic conditions. The County Board then rescinded all entitlements and returned each property lot size back to 1 acre minimum. 
   In June of 2011 we were notified by Solano County Department of Resource Management that this developer - 'Woodcreek Homes' - had filed a Project Application for review with plans to build 60 homes on the same 33 acres. (See proposed plan below)  In an article in the Daily Republic, they stated that they have addressed all concerns of those residing on Oakwood Drive in the new plan.  Their solution: a wall along the full length of Oakwood Drive boxing in the residence on the street. Additionally, they have one entrance to their development off the already busy Suisun Valley Road and one potentially hazardous entrance on Rockville Road. 
50 mph, 2-Lane Road!
    This development affects everyone who uses Rockville Rd. or Suisun Valley Rd. to travel to and from home, work and school, it shows blatant disregard for the concerns of the tax payers in the area and goes against guidelines set in the general plan for rural county areas.

    We were notified in July 2013 that the County entered into a contract with a consulting firm to prepare a full Environmental Impact Report on the project. The contract period to complete the draft EIR is from July 2013 – May 2014.  We are seeking supporters to help us fight to keep these suburban “Stack & Pack” type developments out of the unique rural areas of Rockville and Suisun Valley.

IMAGINE: ...60 houses x 2 cars / home
is potentially over 120 cars daily using these 2 small rural roads... not counting multiple trips, visitors and deliveries.
Suisun Valley Road
33 Acres
Oakwood Drive
Rockville Road
Rockville Hills
Regional Park

Upper Lake
Woodcreek's NEW 60 homes plan
on 33 acres equates to lot sizes of
LESS than 1/2 acre each !
Suisun Valley
<== Road
Rockville Road
Oakwood  Drive ==>
On Tuesday Feb 2nd 2016
Solano County Board of Supervisors
APPROVED the project in a 3 to 2 vote
Voted FORHannigan - Spering & Vazquz
Voted AGAINSTSeifert & Thomson
9th Annual Spaghetti Feed Fund Raiser
- Sat. May 4th, 2019 6pm -  CLICK HERE For DETAILS -
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